The Story Behind Our Logo

The INSIGHT logo is much more than just a visual identity. It is a symbol for what we stand for and what we believe in. The distinctive square design represents our core values and unique approach towards customer satisfaction. The inherent meaning of the colours and shape bring immense value to the brand.

Like the Square, our logo too has a four-fold connotation:


  • The Square of Stability and Integrity

    The square represents the natural order of things in the Universe. It is the symbol of regulated life and actions. In our logo, the square represents the structured order of our business processes that bring balance and stability to our company and that of our client’s too. The square also symbolises honesty, equality, comfort and familiarity - all the virtues that we have imbibed in our work culture.


  • The Right Direction & Action

    The right-angled straight lines speak about the right direction that we give to our customers. The connecting edges signify our approach to work together to build state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

    The two arrows indicate that every business always faces two choices. Our consulting framework helps the businessman to make the right choice and move ahead with confidence.


  • Evolving with the times

    The opening in the square reminds us that we constantly need to bridge the gap created by technological advancements. It beckons us to keep evolving with the times in order to survive and thrive.


  • Colours of passion and compassion

    The red in our logo is all about passion, energy, action and excitement. The blue brings a feeling of calm and a sense of assurance. It relates to trust, honesty and dependability which are virtues to build customer loyalty.


“Inspire Lives”

Our tagline drives all our actions. We live in a highly competitive and complex world, where every business need is unique and requires a customised approach. We inspire people to grow and prosper by simplifying their lives with innovative and futuristic solutions, tailor made to meet their needs.